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Yes it is Time, truly!
Heartbeat of the Silvertwins of Funk
Silvertwins silvertwins.jpg
It was silver in the air, shiny, glittering, like the stars, dazzled and open to the Funk, Fronkpac dug into his heart and found the One. Like a true funkmachine cant´stop, the echo of the past blended in, a feeling of truth emerged and beats started pumpin. Future, love and da One!
Holy Moly, the Guitar man came along!  It was groove time. Matt drowned and sunk, until the groove was embracing all n everyone and no-one was alone anymore.
The moment the Silvertwins was born could not be prevented. It had to grow, groove and never stop.
M-rock, the big dancer, the Stonefunk giant, earthquaked heavily. With the love of lost control, there were words, words of ROCK wisdom, in the center of the funk, poetry of the beat, always on the one, in TIME.
Silvertwins SilverAbe.jpg
The feeling was real, 7 days of funk, with no Sunday rest.
The Sunday funk is the best, in the spirit of legends and wishing for the stars.
Love and Onions, tears and Climax! 
Like happy ants, the Silvertwins building the P out of dirt. The P is to be! 
People! Wake up!
We are You!
In Silverfunk we trust. 
Yes it is Time, truly!
Silvertwins ft M-Rock
LO Funk ÅKE 2.jpg
Silvertwins Fredrik beyond reconstrution
Silvertwins are Fredrik"Fronkpac"Jahn and Mattias "The Guitarman" Adolfsson from Gothenburg, Sweden. Empowered by the FunkGiant Mr M-Rock Larsson, The rolling Stonefunk!
It´s all the way funk.
Fronkpac, a funketeer of the GBG Funk Mob since the happy 80th's, has been part of funk bands as the Dona Guntan, The Big O, FunkMachines and The STONEFUNKERS, where he became Fronkpac, played keyboards and co-wrote songs as  M-Rock Theory and Depend on me.
2016, The Funk demanded something to be done. Fronkpac started to write music again, sent it to old friend and King of Nothern Funk, Mr Emrik M-Rock Larsson (M-rock & We Funky Band, STONEFUNKERS)  M-Rock started to dance, to write lyrics and sing.
Friend Mattias Adolfsson, guitarist, singer and member of FunkMachines, also has a lifelong interest in musicmaking. Diggin the funk coming from Fronkpac, he could not resist to funk along and SilverTwins was born in 2017.
The lovely and supertalanted Johanna Hjort (Johnna Hjort, Sweet Little Angels, Dan Lindens Jazzorkester, We Funky Band, M-Rock, La Gayla Frazier, Eric Gadd and more) added backing vocals and the missing part, female touch was there:-)
Genious Pianoman Sura Johan Johansson, added Keys on Da One and Wake up, Mats Eriksson added Guitars on Time and Sunday funk, and Chris Meyer added horns on SundayFunk. A dancin video vas produced by NinjaCat! It´s truly Time!
Inspiration and parts of FunkMachines are also  Magnus FunkÅke Åkesson, baseman and P-man, with the funk in his veines (Ugly All Star, Punk Funk Union, Dona Guntan and more), Johan La Fleur Palmborg (MaJo), drums and art, Gonzo Reyes (We Funky Band, Stonefunkers, The Latin Kings and more), percussion and vox. 
Stonefunkers 3.jpg
Silvertwins m M-rock.jpg
M-rock funkmachines silvertwins of funk.
Johanna M-rock.jpg
Johan Johanssonn.jpg
Mats Eriksson.jpg
Tobe stenson.jpg
Chris meijer.jpg
Stonefunkers christian.jpg
Friends, funkateers of the GBG FUNK MOB and great inspirations  are also Hans Sinclair,  Johan "Bosse Brass" Stålberg, Opolopo, Davono, Cheezo, Topsteen, Lester Troutman, , Wojtek Goral, Cane, Pelle I-Doc O (FunkMachines), Dona G, Mikael Martinsson (Dona G Kaktusen Skriker), Fredrik " von rap" Homeyer, Niklas "Gusfather66" Olovson, Robin Lynch, Machopsycho, Fredrik Ygge (Insert Coin), Lukas Janemalm, Björn Sonesson, Ulrik Nilsson, Cassius Cruickshank, Monica Bergmark, Lollo Gardtman, The amazing "We funky band":Agge Augustsson, Danny the dog Helgesson, Lars Lade Kjellfeldt, Tobbe Stensson, Basberra Holmgren, Bellnose,  Ida BassIda Nielsen and many, many more...
Love to the heroes of the past and the future knights of the One, fellow funkaters like: Charlie Wilson & The Gap band, Cameo,The Bar-Kays, Slave, Clinton/Funkadelic/Parliament, Kool & The Gang, Chic, Commodores, Bootsy, Zapp, Rose Royce, Yhe Time, Guy, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Junie, Patrice Rushen, Brick, Trouble funk, The Undisputed truth,Ohio players, The Isley brothers, Larry Graham, Lakeside, Sly Stone, The sugarhill gang,Chaka Kahn, Bill Withers, James Brown, Earth WInd & fire, Change, BT express, Brothers Johnson, SOS band, Bohannon, Cheryl Lynn, The Meters.Jamiroquai, KC & the sunshine band,Daft Punk, Bruno Mars,  Digital underground,Tuxedo, and many more......    
May da FUNK be with YOU! 
People! Wake up!
We are You!
In Silver we trust. 
Yes it is Time, truly!
Johan Martinssson Magus B 2.jpg
Mc cane Marc eastmond.jpg
Ian person soundtrack.jpg
Joel o Fabbe 2.jpg
Silvertwins Fredrik Mustasch.jpg
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